5 Reasons Why Branded Tracking Pages Are Needed For Customer Experience

Branded tracking pages needed for customer experience

When a customer makes a purchase in your online store, they are often sent their carrier’s order tracking page. These pages use the carrier’s branding, such as design, logos and links driving traffic back to their website. But what if you, as the ecommerce retailer, could show your customers a personalized branded customer experience? What if your customers could purchase from your store and then be directed to their own unique branded tracking page? 

Now you can, with a branded tracking page made just for your business. Branded tracking pages are much needed to boost your customer’s experience.

Below are our top five reasons why branded tracking pages provide a great customer experience.

Remove guesswork: Customers can get predictive tracking

As a customer, have you ever had a shipment stuck in ‘transit’?

It’s not a fun experience, but rather an anxious time.

Your customers have most likely experienced this too. They do not want to wait and wonder for too long where their shipment is in the process either. Remove the guesswork for your customers by using global predictive tracking. An interactive map or a list on your branded tracking page can help your customers stay in-the-know when a shipment is delayed and when it will arrive. This removes customers’ guesswork and reduces buyer’s remorse.

For example, when we partnered with Capezio, a global leader in dancewear, they had a 90% reduction in ‘where is my order’ calls. This was simply by having their customers use Capezio’s branded tracking page. With one link dedicated to tracking orders, your customers do not need to call your customer service team to access the tracking information. Reducing the number of ‘where is my order’ calls means no late nights for your customers wondering where their package is.

Personalization gives customers positive sentiment and more brand equity

On average, 73% of consumers prefer personalized shopping experiences. Sending automated messages to customers improves positive customer sentiment. This is because personalization opens new opportunities for your customers to engage with your brand. With a personalized branded tracking page, you can display highly targeted marketing messages whenever your customers are most receptive. For example, creating unique promotional campaigns that resonate with each of your customer segments will encourage higher click-through and conversion rates. This also helps increase your sales, drive more revenue and overall brand equity.

With your own branded tracking page, you are providing additional brand touchpoints along your customer’s shopping journey! There by making it a more seamless customer experience.

Up-sell and cross-sell to keep your customers coming back

What’s one of the best ways to turn a first time shopper into a repeat customer? Increase your order value by up-selling and cross-selling your products. With a branded tracking page, choose related products and recommendations, and design banners to up-sell or cross-sell to your customers. An example is from Tecovas, who sell beautiful, handmade western boots and accessories. On their branded tracking page, Tecovas displayed complementary banners and gave everyone who selected boots in their shopping cart, to give them the opportunity to not only buy other boots (or more boots), but also complement their purchase by cross-selling a matching belt to go with those boots. This immense opportunity also helps increase the order value and ROI, like LEM Products, who increased their ROI by 159%. The power of up-selling or cross-selling keeps your customers coming back for more. 

Become more transparent to increase customer engagement, loyalty and retention

Another reason a branded tracking page is important for post-purchase customer experience, is that you can sell more products by proactively sending promotional links via digital mediums such as email and SMS notifications. This way, you are channeling existing customers back to your own website (and not the carrier’s) to increase your own digital footprint, website traffic, repeat buyers, customer loyalty and retention. WISMOlabs can help your business be more transparent to guide the customer through their entire post-purchase journey. We support online retailers who want to satisfy their customers by being more proactive and transparent. Give customers the best branded tracking page and customer experience possible, and you’ll receive more customers who will purchase from your brand more than once. It’s a win-win scenario.

Create a quality, consistent and unified experience

When done right, brand consistency can increase revenue up to 33%. In fact, Tecovas also increased their post-purchase revenue by 33%. To have consistency across your branded tracking page, you will ensure your customers have a consistent journey after making their purchase, from the browsing stages to the moment an order arrives at their doorstep. It’s crucial to create a consistent omnichannel approach that unifies the customer experience – from a  brand level – throughout the entire customer journey. That way, you can focus on what you do best, by delivering quality customer experiences to match the quality of your products.

In summary, customers do not just buy products, they buy brand experiences. They buy how the brand makes them feel when they are shopping online at your store. No matter how large or small your business is, ensure your branded tracking pages are personalized and speak to your customers as well as your business. Without consistency, there is no hope for a cohesive brand identity, so keep your branded tracking pages consistent with the rest of the touch points. Focus on personalization and consistency to build customer engagement, loyalty and retention, and you’ll delight your customers with a great customer experience. Contact WISMOlabs to learn more about how our branded tracking page integrations can work for you and your customers. 


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